My name is Tian; I live in Stockholm, Sweden. In my small studio, I design and hand-carve the stamps, then ship them worldwide.

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      • Cat, cat, cat

        A new custom pet portrait stamp - now in its new home in Norway :)The last is the original photo provided by the customer - :) /Tian

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      • Fun Sale before the Summer

        Since I'll be leaving for summer vacation from the middle of July, I thought I'd have a fun sale in the shop and make some nice stamps before the summer.This is perfect if you want a nice personal stationary item for yourself (the smallest stamp costs $10 including international shipping),...

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      • The Truth about Love

        So I named my latest linocut Kärlek (love) for apparent reasons. I tried to work in some gruesomeness, some depth and some humor. Pretty happy with how the final prints look!Now, as usual, some process pictures - I've been using A4 sized linoleum blocks so I usually just sketch on a...

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      • Tunnelgatan - finally, the dinosaur!

        If you've been following my work on Facebook or Instagram, you'd know that I started the dinosaur print quite a while ago. I've always been fascinated by the area close to Tunnelgatan, which is the name of the print and it literally translates to Tunnel Street. It's a street in Stockholm...

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