• Custom Ex Libris Stamp

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  • turnaround & shipping customization
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     Ex Libris is a Latin phrase, meaning literally, "from the books". It is often used to indicate ownership of a book, as in "from the books of..." or "from the library of..."

    This is a listing for one custom ex libris stamp and this is a base price. Please contact me about the motif and size you have in mind and I'll be happy to give you a quote. 

    For the text you can choose between "from the library of + your name". If you'd like to see a sketch before me carving the stamp, just let me know and I will send a sketch and wait for your approval before carving:)


    This stamp is hand-carved in good-quality hard rubber and glued to a wood stump on whose back you can see the image and text printed in black ink. Decorate your papergoods: tags, cards, postcards, diaries, letters, envelopes and almost any printable surface you can think of.


    Feel free to contact me at tyr@thisisjusttosay.co if you have any questions!


    All my stamps are handmade and may vary slightly. Also, I try every stamp to reach the best result before it's shipped to you so there might be ink stain left on the rubber - no worries, it won't affect your stamped image at all.

    Of course, you can customize all my stamps by adding names, numbers or decorative patterns to them. Let me know how you want a stamp and I'll make it just for you!

  • Custom Ex Libris Stamp
  • Custom Ex Libris Stamp
  • Custom Hand Carved Ex Libris Stamp
  • Custom Ex Libris Stamp
  • Custom Ex Libris Stamp

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