Linocut, S:t Johannes Kyrka (St. John's Church)

This will be an update with mostly process pictures of my first two-color reduction linocut, S:t Johannes Kyrka (St. John's Church).Making this print was really challenging but also great fun, so I tried to photo and document everything. If you have any questions about any step or something I used, feel free to comment and I'll be happy to answer.I've been drawing, carving, proofing and printing non-stop for the past two weeks, and the next week will be the last before the deadline for next year's Liljevachs Spring Salon (Liljevachs vårsalong). Background information: Liljevachs public art gallery was opened in 1916 as the first independent, public museum for contemporary art in Sweden. I am planning to apply with a couple of...

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Two Interviews this Month

Two of my recent interviews are published this month - one in Swedish and one in English. Happy face :3 For the first one, I was chosen to be Lidingö's Start-up of the Month by Nyföretagarcentrum.(Lidingö is the island in Stockholm archipelago where I live and work. The Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation is forcefully supporting entrepreneurship in Sweden through professional start-up advice for people who want to start a business; they do this through Nyföretagarcentrum - Enterprise Agencies that cover most parts of Sweden.)Lidingö's Nyföretagarcentrum have helped me a lot before and after I started my freelance business as printmaker and graphic designer. It's great to have somewhere one can go with all their business-related questions and get professional help,...

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Blackbird & Rowanberries, Linocut

A couple of pictures to record the process of making my new linocut with a blackbird on a rowanberry branch. We had a blackbird nest in the garden this summer and we watched three eggs turn into beautiful birds.Blackbirds come often to the rowanberry trees in our garden and this print is inspired by them. Starting with a carving out linoleum - I'm using Jack Richeson this time.  Prints hanging to dry. These are printed with Caligo oil-based ink on 200 gram Hahnemühle paper. Hand-coloring the prints with watercolor.  Getting to the leaves on the branch, mixing in yellow, blue to get different shades of green. The print measures 23 x 30.5 cm (or 9" x 12") and the paper...

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