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If the path to become a successful artist is like climbing a mountain, I feel like I've just built my base camp. I purchased a while ago and have been building my portfolio site one brick at a time, and now it's on!

So, take a look - if you see something that looks weird or spots a spelling mistake somewhere, I would love to know - I might have been working on this long enough to develop a blind spot or two :) 

I completed the logo before the website and have grown quite into it since. My Chinese name is 甘甜(ɡān tián, family name and then given name), which also happens to be an adjective meaning sweet

I wanted to incorporate my name in the logo without it looking too Chinese. Starting with a few basic pencil sketches, I decided to try out different colors, fonts and layouts in Photoshop instead. 

I did some crowd-sourcing on my personal FB page (thanks, guys!) and finally decided to go with the first one. To my eyes, it's the most interesting design of all four, but why stop there? Or, what's a printmaker without a handmade logo?

I carved out the design with the 甜/tian in two different boldness so I have more to work with digitally.

I scanned the imprint, cleaned it up a little, duplicated the right part and added color in Photoshop - bright red and blue combined with a very dark gray.

I made a vertical and a horizontal logo for different purposes. Right now on my portfolio site I'm using the horizontal design above the top navigation bar. 

Et voilà! You'll find process photos on my portfolio page with some other logos I designed. If you like what I do and would like me to be a part of a project you're working on, get in touch: email me, or use the contact form on the right :) 

Happy Easter!

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