To my old (and young!) customers from Etsy...

HELLO again and I'm happy to see you here because it means you've found my new shop!
As some of you might already know, it's been a hectic couple of months with 'this is just to say', the old Etsy shop closing and 'this is just to say' 2.0, the shop you see now, opening. I thought about using all the old listings for the new shop but finally decided to build everything from scratch.

So right now I'm writing this blog post from my apartment in Beijing (yes, THE Beijing - I travelled back to China and will be here until before Christmas), sitting in the middle of blocks of rubber, sketching paper, pencils, carving knives and a gorgeous photography tent, all of which will be used to make new stamps and take new photos for this shop. I guess you could say I'm more that a little excited!

Anyway, If you are thinking about Christmas presents, custom stamps, or any of my previous designs - let me know! I'll be putting up listings in the following weeks but would love to make custom stamps first.

You can always find me at and if you are on Instagram, here's me: @ttyr so check out my work in progress and loads of photos from my stay in Beijing and Shanghai!


Thanks for bearing with me this whole time & tons of hugs,


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    i dont know how i find this but… looks awesome!

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