Before and after the order

If you make the order before 10th, Dec, 2012:

  • It will be shipped from Beijing, China with regular International Package. 
  • I will send you tracking number and instructions once the order has been shipped.
  • It takes app. 2 weeks for it to arrive.
  • The shipping cost is $10.
Want to expedite the order to EMS (Express Mail Service)?
  • EMS Tracking No. available.
  • Shipping costs $20.
  • The order takes app. 4 working days to arrive.
If the order is made after 10th, Dec, 2012:
  • It will be shipped from Stockholm, Sweden with regular mail.
  • There will not be a tracking No. avaibale; the service is quite reliable though. I am not responsible for lost packages, but feel free to let me know if the order is late or missing and I'll figure something out:)
  • Shipping costs from $5 to $10 for one stamp; and for two stamps it'll be $8 to $12, depending on the size and the weight. If you'd like a quote on the shipping, contact me at
  • Shipping takes about 1 week to most non-EU countries, and about 5 days to most EU countries.
Want to expedite the order to Express Mail?
  • The order will be USPS trackable.
  • It takes app. 4 working days to arrive.
  • Shipping costs app. $30 for an order with less than 3 stamps.
Anyway, if you would like a quote on the shipping cost of your order, feel free to contact me directly at and specify your order and address, and how soon you'd like to receive your order and I'll see what I can do!

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