A Guide to All Stamps from Galaxies Far, Far Away

Here you'll find an ever-expanding list of Star Wars rubber stamps available at "this is just to say".

Click on the titles and head to the item page.

Master Yoda Stamp, $28

Galactic Empire Stamp set, $46, each stamp can be purchased separately.

Sitting Trooper Mini Figure, $16

R2D2, $42

Stormtrooper Mini Figure, $22

Boba Fett Mini Figure, $21

Boba Fett Helmet, $19

Rebel Alliance Logo, $15

Galactic Empire Emblem, $20

And more Star Wars stamps to come! Do you have a favorite SW character? Leave a comment and there might be a stamp of them sooner than you think; AND a special discount for the contributor will be available too!

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