Rubber Stamp + Stencil Facebook Logo Tutorial

I've been meaning to make a new slide for my homepage that links to my Facebook page. I wanted something that went well with the simple, bright and crafty style of the site as a whole. That's when I decided to handmake the slide.

This short tutorial shows you how to make your own stencil print with rubber stamps like the one below. So read on!

First, I found a big vector image of the Facebook logo with a round background (that works with the shop too). I then placed a piece of tracing paper on my laptop screen and traced the icon (my laptop's got a Gorilla glass screen protector so it's pretty tough, but I wouldn't recommend doing this on any computer. You can always print the image and trace it then).

Then with a sheet of Pelikan carbon paper I traced the image again on a thicker piece of paper. I did this with a ballpoint pen.

I then used a craft scalpel to cut out the part where I want the stamp to print. But in the next step you'll see that I ended up not using this stencil and went with the tracing paper instead. I did this for two reasons: 1) the stencil on this piece of paper was too close to the edge of the paper and I had to be really careful when printing and 2) the more important reason, this piece of paper was just a bit too thick and the imprint made with this stencil didn't have clear edges like I would have liked. 

If you're doing this at home I actually recommend a piece of regular printing paper. It's not too fragile like the tracing paper, and it's thin enough for the stamp to get to small corners.

Now you can print away! The stencil I ended up using is made with the tracing paper on the right. I used one of the gem stamps from my A Gem You Are set, and I carved a very small dot stamp so that the imprint won't have too much blank space.

Blue ink pads for a Facebook-ish palette: Brilliance Mediterranean Blue and VersaMagic Night Sky.

Then I took a photo of the imprint only and adjusted brightness, levels and color balance in Photoshop so I could the imprint on a perfect white background. If you have a scanner this process will be much easier.

I felt that the shop is white enough and didn't want another all-white background picture. So I found a rice paper texture online and applied it to my stencil print in photoshop. I edied the image a bit, added some texts and resized it so voila! 

This is a very simple project if you don't need to digitally manipulate the print. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Give me a link to your work in the comment section and I'll be happy to give you a shoutout on the blog or my FB page:)

Happy crafting, and stay in tune with my latest tutorials and stamp creations by liking "this isjust to say" on FB or subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom right corner of this page! 


Greetings from Stockholm,

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