Game of Thrones Extravaganza | New Stamps on Mar 7th

There are three house sigil stamps available so far. More will follow - let me know if you wanna make a request!

Game of Thrones, House Stark Sigil. $28.

House Lannister Sigil, $28.

House Targaryen Sigil, $30.


And some others...

Custom text stamp for Jenny mounted on a champagne cork. I have only a few corks left so contact me if you'd like a stamp on cork too!


Custom logo stamp for Anna Siivonen, a Stockholm-based jewelry designer. I designed the stamp based on her bunny pendant. Check out her Etsy shop!

Custom logo stamp for Beth at Boodle Butique, a screen-printing studio in Bristol, U.K.

Hope you like the stamps as much as I'm proud of them!

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  • Jacintta Watts

    the Game of Thrones stamps are AMAZING…enough to make me look into buying and reading the books….plus buying your stamps just cause they’re so cool!

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