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Hey, I can't possbily be the only Pinterest addict around here, eh? 

I currently have 14 boards there, among which my personal favorites are product design, skin deep (a board for awesome tattoos), table for two (recipe collection and source of my grocery list), lino & wood prints and of course, a board for my stamp creations.

So, hand-picked from my pins are the following super easy & doable craft tutorials and recipes I'd like to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Veggie breakfast quinoa bowl. I actually saw this recipe this morning, had a day-long-craving and "dropped by" the grocery on my daily post office run to get the ingredients. I know it was supposed to be breakfast food but, like Ron Swanson said in Parks and Recreation, " Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?"

2. Pom pom installation by Marsha Golemac. Like she said, this definitely turns any frown upside down.

3. A tutorial on the 1960's ponytail. Timeless elegance and 2013's chic.

4.  DIY geometry anti-dust plugs from Hello Whimsy Blog.

5. Roasted tomato soup. Definitely on my meny next week!

So, what's your PInterest address? Mine's here. Leave a message below and share your favorite boards!

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