8-Bit Heart, Tetris Blocks & Discount Code for Geeks Only | New Stamps on Apr 10th

8-Bit Heart, $18.

Even the ancient Greeks knew the connections between our emotions and that thing that beats in our chest. An untraditional heart design for Valentine's or any time of the year!


Tetris Blocks Set, $35

A set of Tetris blocks! Rumor has it they never go out of style.


Blue Sun Logo from Firefly - this is a custom stamp that's not listed in the shop yet. Leave a message if you'd like one too!


Custom logo stamp for Eleri at Ickootu Photography in U.K.. She contacted me on Facebook, requesting an old Canon camera to be her logo, with her name stylized in the Canon font and her initials instead of the model name (ET instead of FT), and her website url under the camera.

The stamp is slightly smaller than a business card - it will be printed on cards, tags and product packages.

You can order a custom logo stamp for your business or even for custom handmade wedding stationary too! Contact me by clicking the button on the right, or write to me at tyr@thisisjusttosay.co - just let me know the size, motif and/or texts to be included.


Two Ex Libris stamps for two young sisters from Chile. Matilde loves fantasies, especially pirates and witches; Violeta likes birds and her favorite is the bald eagle.

Ex Libris stamps are perfect for readers and collectors. You can choose your own text and motif, and I'll sketch for you until you're perfectly happy with the design, and then make the stamp! 



And something special for the geek or geek-lover that might be you - as of next two weeks (Apr 10th - 24th), you get 20% off all stamps in my Think Geek section with the code GEEKONLY! Go and pick some from the 61 stamps in the collection:)

As usual, stay creative and inspired!


Hugs from (still snowy) Stockholm,


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