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Zebra under the Bridge

Upon discovering the dramatic looking stairs and graffiti-covered walls under St Eriksbron, I've decided this small bit of Stockholm deserves a print of its own. I knew it was to be a big black-and-white print (like the tiger on Urvädersgränd) - what caught my eye first was the texture of the concrete, and then, the enormous structure in shadow in contrast with the bright sky.  I thought the zebra would be the perfect animal for this scene, just to push myself further in terms of different lines and textures. So I dug out photos I took of the zebras at Kolmården last year and started working. Carving the block (30 x 45 cm) took three weeks; despite being a one-block black-and-white, this...

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Painting on a Wall

Last two weeks I've been busy with a big project - painting someone's living room wall. The client lives and works near St Maria Magdalena church and really likes my linocut; and I just couldn't refuse a commission to cover someone's living room wall with my print. After covering around the work area with lots and lots of newspaper and masking tape, I sprayed the surface with a light Phthalo blue almost identical to the background color I mixed for the linocut. For the outlines I used a projector (I drew faint white lines in the 3rd photo above). The light from the projector actually made it quite hard to see, so I turned it off once I had a good structure. ...

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New Puppy Stamp

This makes me happy.  A video posted by Tian Gan (@ttyr) on Apr 25, 2016 at 11:47am PDT  New stamp for an old customer's rescue puppy :)Feel free to get in touch for your own custom pet stamp too. It's awesome and you can print it everywhere. 

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Printmaking supplies and where to buy them

This is a post I've been meaning to write for a long time. One reason is that I get asked a lot what brand a certain tool/block is and where to buy it; another is that I truly believe in the power of sharing resources and techniques. Also, if more people try out printmaking after learning from my experience and mistakes, I'm sure printmaking materials and supplies will be more widely available (especially in Sweden) too. This will be a rather long post with lots of pictures and resources, so feel free to save it to read later. I'd really appreciate if you share it on social media - more readers help and motivate me to post more on printmaking and...

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Layla - hand-carved dog stamp for wedding stationary

So if you know me in real life you probably know that I grew up with dogs and am a dog person. I do get more cat stamp commissions than dogs (cat owners are more crafty, perhaps?), but this time it's a custom dog and name stamp for a couple in Baltimore and their wedding stationary. Starting with a pencil sketch, using a photo provided by the customers and their wedding photographer. I put together a quick Photoshop mock-up of the dog portrait and the typography design the couple requested for the name stamp.  Once the sketch is approved it's carving time! The fur took a long time. In the photo below I have completed carving and cleaning the stamp; when...

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